The Tripoli Public Library recently received a donation from the Lavern & Audrey Busse Foundation and is currently seeking input from patrons in regards to the purchasing of new Audiobooks. Please help us with determining which items to purchase by filling out the survey and submitting it below. All anwers remain anonymous. Thank You!


The library provides: 

  1. Inter-library Loan (SILO)
  2. Open Access
  3. Photocopy machine (Black & White)
  4. Public Computers
  5. Internet & Wireless Hot Spot
  6. Job Now/ Vet Now 
  7. Color and B/W Printers
  8. Fax Machine
  9. Reference materials
  10. Preschool Story Hour
  11. Children’s Programming
  12. Movies: DVD's
  13. Large Print Materials
  14. Large Print Materials (Through The Traveling Library)
  16. Children's AWE Learning Stations
  17. HomeWork Now Website - Located under the children's tab on this website
  18. Locking Heritage Display Case for patrons to display their own private collection
  20. Library Cards:

All ages may apply for a library card. Children under the age of 14 must also have a parent or guardian sign the application.


  • current name
  • current address (confirmed with 2 recent pieces of mail)
  • phone number
  • photo ID (adults)

If you already have a library card, make sure it is up to date (not expired) and the account is free of fines and overdue materials. Once a fine has reached $3.00 or higher check outs may be limited until that fine has been paid.  

Library Cards expire every 3 years.  

Please read the following document before applying for your library card at the Circulation Desk:

*Computer Internet Policy

These are just a few of the services we provide to our patrons.