The library provides: 

  1. Inter-library Loan (SILO)
  2. Open Access
  3. Photocopy machine (Black & White)
  4. Public Computers
  5. Internet & Wireless Hot Spot
  6. Job Now/ Vet Now 
  7. Color and B/W Printers
  8. Fax Machine
  9. Reference materials
  10. Preschool Story Hour
  11. Children’s Programming
  12. Movies: DVD's
  13. Large Print Materials
  14. Large Print Materials (Through The Traveling Library)
  16. Children's AWE Learning Stations
  17. HomeWork Now Website - Located under the children's tab on this website
  18. Locking Heritage Display Case for patrons to display their own private collection
  20. Library Cards:

All ages may apply for a library card. Children under the age of 14 must also have a parent or guardian sign the application.


  • current name
  • current address (confirmed with 2 recent pieces of mail)
  • phone number
  • photo ID (adults)

If you already have a library card, make sure it is up to date (not expired) and the account is free of fines and overdue materials. Once a fine has reached $3.00 or higher check outs may be limited until that fine has been paid.  

Library Cards expire every 3 years.  

Please read the following document before applying for your library card at the Circulation Desk:

*Computer Internet Policy

These are just a few of the services we provide to our patrons.